the kids are all right

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Producer/Director/Editor: Kerry Richardson

Co-Producer: Steven Ciampaglia

Camera: Kerry Richardson, Steven Ciampaglia, Liz Miller, Michele Mahoney

Additional Editing: Steven Ciampaglia

Original Score: Scott Lockard

Special Thanks To: Mike Ervin

Special Thanks To: Steven Ciampaglia

Thanks to Jerry's Orphans, John Grod and KJ Mohr

Fiscal Sponsor: Chicago Filmmakers

Funding was provided by The Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media

This project was partially supported by a grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

TRT: 29:30
Color NTSC

DVDs are open-captioned.
VHS tapes are closed-captioned.


Kerry Richardson
is an independent producer, educator and media activist. She produced, directed and co-edited KISS THE VOTE 2000 for the Little City Foundation series The Kiss My TV Show. KISS THE VOTE 2000 examines disability issues at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. The program received a Media Access Award in the TV News Magazine/Special category from the California Governor's Committee for the Employment of Disabled Persons, as well as two Hometown Video Festival awards from the Alliance for Community Media. She also taught television production to members of the disability civil rights group ADAPT, collaboratively producing a monthly public affairs program for public access TV at CAN TV in Chicago.

Kerry teaches video and digital arts. She has also consulted for the Independent Television Service's Community Connections Project, coordinating national outreach campaigns for documentaries such as REFRIGERATOR MOTHERS and SWEET OLD SONG.

Mike Ervin is a writer and disability rights activist living in Chicago. His play The History of Bowling was produced at the Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago in 1999 and 2000, by the Know Theater Tribe in Cincinnati in 2001 and at Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis in 2002. He also received a 2001 playwright's fellowship from the Illinois Arts Council. His other theater productions include The Plucky and Spunky Show, which he co-wrote with Susan Nussbaum. It was originally produced at the Remains Theatre in Chicago (1990).

Mike has had three short stories published: Man versus Wood and The Antelope (St. Andrews Review/1982) and Coitus Interruptus (Staring Back, an anthology of writers with disabilities/1997). By day he is a free-lance journalist and has published over 1,000 articles and essays - mostly on disability topics - in more than 40 newspapers and magazines, including the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the Miami Herald and the Progressive.

Mike is a founding member of the Chicago chapter of ADAPT. He has been arrested over a dozen times for civil disobedience. Mike is founder of Jerry's Orphans. He has also served on the board of directors of Access Living and the Council for Disability Rights.